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Can’t open an email attachment?

Have you received an email attachment that you can’t open? It is very frustrating when you can’t open a file. Your important info is stuck inside – and you can’t crack that nut. There could be a few reasons why your file won’t open. One might be that your antivirus has blocked you from downloading the attachment. This protects you from being infected by a virus, spyware or another kind of malware. However, there are cases when an email attachment has been misidentified. It is a good idea to make sure that the attachment is coming from a trusted sender. If it is not or the filename looks suspicious, it is best not to open it. If you believe the attachment `is legitimate, check your antivirus software’s help file for info on how to open the email attachment. In other cases, the email attachment won’t open because your computer does not have a program assigned to open it. Or maybe you do not have software installed to open that particular file format or type. If you think your PC just doesn’t have software assigned to open a certain file type, take a glance at the file extension. This is the suffix that follows the file name and a period. For example in test.doc, doc is the file extension. File extensions indicate which file type the email attachment is. For example, doc usually means the attachment is a Microsoft Word document. Extensions used to be pretty generic. Txt, as an example, represented a text file. Now there are